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Love the Film? Hate the Sin!

"End of the Spear" is the story of Mincayani, a Waodani tribesman from the jungles of Ecuador. When five young missionaries are speared to death by the Waodani in 1956, a series of events unfold to change the lives of not only the slain missionaries' families, but also Mincayani and his people. Great story, right!

Enter Chad Allen, former drug-using teen heartthrob, lapsed Roman Catholic and gay activist as lead actor in Christian missionary role. The choice of the openly gay Allen as the lead actor in "End of the Spear," a new Christian-made movie about the real-life story of a son, who makes peace with an Amazon tribe that killed his missionary father, has created a dilemma for moviegoers who want to support the movie's message, but not its messenger.

Sadly, Chad Allen is not a follower of Christ himself, despite some Christian influence in his life, including living in the jungle for 3 weeks with Christian Steve Saint and the Waodani Christians. We pray that good influence will one day bear fruit. Steve is a dear and loving Christian who we trust shared the Gospel - and joyfully lives it. In an interview published in InLA magazine Allen mentions his own, rather New Age view,

“I am from a Christian background [Roman Catholic], but I have a personal spirituality that spans the distance from Buddhism to Hindu philosophy to Native American beliefs.”

The plot thickens and sickens: Allen is openly homosexual and a high-profile Gay Rights activist and producer. He promoted same-sex marriage and Gay/Lesbian adoption in a debate against Pastor John MacArthur on the Larry King Live show (Feb. 24, 2004). A few days before End of the Spear was released, he again defended Gay marriage on Larry King Live (Jan. 17, 2006), debating against Albert Mohler, Jr., President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and conservative radio host Janet Parshall.

What went wrong? For one thing, when the movie's producers offered the part to Allen they didn't know he was gay. Ultimately, however, the decision to leave Allen in the role was left up to the man the movie is based on, Steve Saint, since Allen was set to play Steve - and his slain father - in the film. "My dad was my hero, and the thought of someone playing him that advocates that lifestyle made me very uncomfortable," says Saint. "But I realized it wasn't for me to condone or to condemn what Chad does or doesn't do. That is God's prerogative. And I feel that God had his hand in setting up this complex scenario for Chad to play this part."

Not everyone agrees that Allen is God-sent. One popular pastor recently got more than 100 other pastors to join him in signing a letter to the movie's producers saying that they couldn't in good conscience support the film. On the other hand, there is, according to Allen, one upside to having him in the movie. "I'm absolutely sure we're having people check it out that never would have gone to a 'Christian' movie," says Allen. "I went with 30 of my close friends, and we walked away having these amazing spiritual conversations together."

Here’s the rub: is not this analogous to what those Missionaries were trying to do in that Amazon jungle.

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Christians, please join me in fervently praying that Mr. Allen will one day repent of the sins he is practicing, as Nate Saint and Jim Elliot did, and humbly serve our Lord Jesus Christ, rather than opposing Him.

The end of his story is known only to God!

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