Thursday, October 19, 2006

David Eugene!

David Eugene Edwards is the lead singer, main songwriter and principal musician of the Woven Hand band. He is the former lead singer of 16 Horsepower. His music defies simple genre categorization and his lyrics often combine the apocalyptic elements of darkness, judgment and redemption. It’s my kind of popular Christian music never heard on popular Christian radio stations. His theological bent is Reformed/Calvinistic and on stage his performances are evangelistically intense, eerie and persuasive.

Edwards performs on the soundtrack to the short film "Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus," playing the traditional "Wayfarin' Stranger." He also appears in this religiously agile film, playing a fragment of "Phyllis Ruth," a Sixteen Horsepower song from 1997's Low Estate.

If you haven’t heard David Eugene, it’s time! Don’t delay! Start now my little Pilgrim’s Progress!

The above image is of David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower/Woven Hand performing solo at Debaser in Stockholm, Sweden, 2004-05-25. (c) Anders Jensen-Urstad.