Friday, February 17, 2006

Big Fat American Churches!

The top 10 largest churches in America, and links to their websites:
  1. Lakewood: Joel Osteen Houston TX (30,000 people)
  2. Saddleback Valley Community Church: Rick Warren Lake Forest CA (22,000)
  3. Willow Creek Community Church: Bill Hybels South Barrington IL (20,000)
  4. Fellowship Church : Ed Young Grapevine TX (19,500)
  5. Southeast Christian Church: Robert Russell Louisville KY (18,757)
  6. The Potter's House : T.D. Jakes Dallas TX (18,500)
  7. Calvary Chapel : Robert Coy Ft. Lauderdale FL (18,000)
  8. New Birth Missionary Baptist : Eddie Long Lithonia GA (18,000)
  9. Crenshaw Christian Center : Fred Price Los Angeles CA (17,000)
  10. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa : Chuck Smith, Sr Santa Ana CA (16,500)

These stats came from a blog that did some fun and interesting analysis on the 1,300 largest churches on a report from Hartford Institute for Religion Research.

Other fun facts from the above mentioned blog:

Number of pastors named George- 15
Number of pastors named Dick- 3
Number of pastors named Benny Hinn- 1
Congregations with the word “church" in their name- 965
“center”- 79
“fellowship”- 67
“family”- 24
“temple”- 26
“tabernacle”- 15
“Baptist”- 349
“missionary Baptist”- 18
“Abyssinian Baptist”- 1
“Christian”- 147 (as opposed to the churches on the list who are Buddhist)
“Christ”- 107 (see above)
First Baptist- 81
Second Baptist- 5
Third Baptist- 1
“victory”- 11
“defeat”- 0
"A church may have a very short muster-roll, and yet it may be very dear to God, who thinks more of quality than of quantity, more of obedience than of numbers." - C.H. Spurgeon

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