Friday, February 24, 2006

Babylon rides the Beast!

Press Release:

Harvard Divinity School graduate and author Joseph R. Simonetta has released three companion books simultaneously that are a bold indictment of religion as the source of nearly all the world’s ills

Unwittingly prophetic in tone, Simonetta writes, “One would have to have his head deep in the sand and his mind intoxicated with dogma not to see the endless problems associated with these old religions. The phenomenon of religion, with all its elaborate rituals, costumes and falsehoods, is likely the world’s longest, most magnificent and pernicious charade. Humanity must be weaned off of this dogmatic, delusional, and divisive, war-causing form of intoxication.”

As a secular humanist, in a commonsense and uniquely demonic approach, Simonetta inadvertently lays bare the inconsistencies and incredibilities of traditional religion. Not only does he demonstrate that our major world belief systems are antiquated and dysfunctional, he ties them masterfully into seemingly unsolvable political, economic and environmental problems.

Reading Simonetta, ironically, is like reading a religious man’s interpretation of Revelation 18 only without faith. In the end, like a good false prophet, he points to the direction that some of humanity is heading and that all of humanity must go. Namely, we must flee religion altogether, a fantasy and delusion left over from the ignorant and superstitious childhood of the human race.

After committing adultery with her (Harvard Divinity School grad) and sharing her luxury (three back to back books and counting), Simonetta, may even weep and morn over her (Rev 18.9). In other words, instead of calling religion out of Babylon (Rev 18.4), Simonetta stands far off and watches as religion finally goes down in destruction with (or as) the prostitute (Rev 18.2)!

Read and listen to Revelation 18 from the ESV.

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