Saturday, March 11, 2006


Note: The following are several random paragraphs from my manuscript of this Sunday’s sermon (03/12/06).

Title: The First Gospel!
Text: Genesis 3.14-15.

In this sermon, I will examine the curse & judgment of God in Genesis 3.14-15 first from the perspective of the serpent and second from the perspective of Satan.

But before we go to far let me say that for Eve, to be at enmity with the serpent was also to announce the coming of a savior. For Satan, to be at enmity with the woman was to announce his defeat. We need both the good news and the bad to make sense of the good news and the bad news.

Satan, not the literal snake, was himself the principal agent behind the Fall of humankind! He that spoke through the serpent’s mouth is here condemned through the serpent’s curse! It is Satan’s judgment that is chiefly the focus of these verses. Several fascinating insights are contained under the surface of these words.

For example… throughout the Bible, we see the two seeds warring against each other: the godly versus the ungodly, Cain against Abel, Moses against Pharaoh, Jael against Sisera, the prophets against the wanton Israelites, Mary and Joseph against Herod, Jesus against the Pharisees. What’s more, we see that even in their various trials and sufferings, the godly are always in the process of triumphing over sin and the wicked.

Worship & enjoy!

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Atm-Outreach, Int.l said...

The sermon was a masterpiece of "Gospel-Preaching"! Thank you!
"Now thanks be unto God!
Who always leads us forth to triumph