Monday, March 06, 2006

Ghana Stuff!

Our Church has received a request from a Ghanaian congregation to join us in the mutual use of our facility beginning in April ‘06. The Ministry Team is prayerfully considering the request in light of our mission statement and other concerns. Preliminarily, our leadership has concluded that a two-congregation mutual ministry is a fit and more information about the relationship will be surfacing over the next several weeks. Keep this in prayer.

March 6 is Independence Day in Ghana; it commemorates Ghana's independence from Great Britain in 1957. The Ghanaian government offers information about the country's culture, geography, and history at the following site.

The President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Agyekum Kufour today addressed the 49th anniversary of the nation’s independence parade in Accra and used the occasion to formally announce to the world that Ghana would celebrate the Golden Jubilee of her independence in 2007.

As we learn from the Bible, Jubilee Year is of great significance spiritually and otherwise”, the President sermonised.

The President pointed out that a Jubilee Year “is proclaimed as a year of the Lord’s favour, a year of good news and freedom. It is a time to practice forgiveness and to do justice by all”, he emphasised.

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ATM-Outreach, International said...

I see a big red warninglight!
So the leadership concluded (preliminarily) that a two congregation "mutual ministry" is a fit? Does MONEY or the lack of it play a deciding factor? - Ps.20:7 - Could you explain "mutual ministry" of two different congregations? even if they are in the same building?
We (CVC)offer a place where people can encounter God in worship (worship within CVC-congregation, not the building) and celebrate (within CVC-congregation, not the building), Jesus Christ in mutual ministry.- Could you explain?
Jesus says: "Watch and Pray"!!!