Monday, January 23, 2006

Who's driving the Super Bowl?

The Seahawks?

"Seahawks Ride Defense Into Super Bowl"--headline, Associated Press, Jan. 23

"Seattle Rides Hasselback, Alexander"--headline, Chicago Tribune, Jan. 23

"Seahawks Ride MVP to First Super Bowl"--headline, Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Calif.), Jan. 23

"Seahawks Ride Momentum to Second Straight Win"--headline, Seahawks Online, undated

The Steelers?

"Steelers Ride Broncos to SBXL"--headline, Edmonton (Alberta) Sun, Jan. 23

"Steelers Ride Big Ben, Turnovers to Super Bowl"--headline,, Jan. 23

"Steelers Fans Ready to Ride the Bus to Detroit"--headline, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Jan. 23

May the best rider win!

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