Friday, January 27, 2006

Sanctity of life!

Last Sunday (January 22, 2006) was “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday”. Monday a group called Silent No More gathered in DC to campaign on behalf of life. The following two blog accounts give testimony to the hopeful message of this Silent No More gathering.

From Get Religion:

The goal, of course, is to cover the mainstream and, in the pro-life movement, that means covering young people and women from evangelical, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox sanctuaries, with a vocal presence of Orthodox Jews, as well.

Perhaps the most important group at the moment is called “Silent No More,” in large part because the women with the somber, black “I Regret My Abortion” signs are the archetypal opposites of the people who used to dominate television-news reports about these events. You know, that would be the angry men with red faces, bullhorns and bloody posters.

From Pro-Life with Christ:

Some of notable features of the event included the growing presence of women with signs reading, “I regret my abortion.” The women are part of the Silent No More campaign that made its first appearance at the Washington march in 2003 and have been a presence at the Canadian march in recent years.

Christopher Smith, the Republican congressman from New Jersey, said the Silent No More women “are proof that there is reconciliation and there is hope.”

We are so glad to have the women of Silent No More here with us on the stage. Their testimony gives witness to the lie that the other side puts forth, that abortion is pro-woman,” Smith said.


Psalm 139


Anonymous said...

if only we could ressurect the dead and start an army. 47 million. (just 2005?) he!!, we could start a country

Anonymous said...

Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life..." Perhaps the Lord's army is greater by 47 million! Let's pray for life and peace!

Tyler Dawbin said...

I have a great presentation from a friend at The Evil of Abortion but I have to warn's got some graphic material that might not be suitable for all viewers. But it's the truth...the violent, disgusting, despicable truth of what happens to "inconvenient" babies. At least we can thank the Lord that their souls have been protected!

in Christ,