Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dylan's 66

Happy birthday to Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman), who turns 66 today! Singer-songwriter Ted Quinn calls Dylan's birthday “a national religious holiday.” Dylan's tune "Like A Rolling Stone" was named the #1 song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine in November 2004. Also in tribute, the city of Duluth, Minnesota (Dylan’s birthplace) will inaugurate the 1.8 mile “Bob Dylan Way” today by installing the first street sign with that designation. Of course, Bob Dylan was born along a stretch of Highway 61, in Duluth, Minnesota. Bob Dylan commemorates the highway in the title song of his album Highway 61 Revisited. See YouTube link here or watch Dylan & the Boss revisit 61.

Say What? Although he refused to play at Woodstock, the spirit of Dylan's music was an integral force at the legendary Woodstock show. For example, he is responsible for such songs as "All Along The Watchtower" (made into a hit by Jimi Hendrix who did show up at Woodstock).

Quote: "Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and said, Bob, why are you resisting me? I said, I'm not resisting you! He said, You gonna follow me? I said, I've never thought about that before! He said, When you're not following me, you're resisting me."

enjoy, ron

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Dennis E. McFadden said...


Thanks for your annual reminder of Dylan’s birthday!

My five kids were raised on such a heavy “diet” of Dylan music, that they are all fans. A couple of months ago, my second son (who just graduated from law school) named his first son DYLAN (3/28/07).

And, last weekend, my brother (a senior reference librarian/legal research professor at another law school) was tasked with the responsibility of shepherding around the celebrity father of one of the graduates. So, my bro had to take Sam Dylan’s dad, (Bob Dylan!!!) to the green room, show him to his seat, etc.


Remember: “Twenty years of schoolin' And they put you on the day shift”