Sunday, January 28, 2007


Reading is a search for truth! Recently I’ve become concerned about my reading habits. I read a lot in the area of biblical studies, philosophy and theology. I wanted to expand my horizons, so a few years ago I added the reading of a contemporary novel a month to my routine. However, most of the novels leave me spiritually drained and bond to secular entrapments. As a result, I’ve recently begun to ask, “Why am I reading the stuff?” If reading is a search for truth than what one reads should set one free?

So here’s a tip from a pastor of former times!

Richard Baxter's Guide To The Value Of A Book

Make careful choice of the books which you read: let the holy Scriptures ever have the preeminence. Let Scripture be first and most in your hearts and hands and other books be used as subservient to it.

While reading ask yourself:
1. Could I spend this time no better?
2. Are there better books that would edify me more?
3. Are the lovers of such a book as this the greatest lovers of the Book of God and of a holy life?
4. Does this book increase my love to the Word of God, kill my sin, and prepare me for the life to come?

"The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails - given by one Shepherd. Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them. Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body." Ecclesiastes 12:11-12

One cannot always live in the palaces and state apartments of language, but we can refuse to spend our days in searching for its vilest slums.” - William Watson
Enjoy a good book, ron

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Anonymous said...

Finally- a solid arguement to give my librarian wife for bringing all these books home for me to read.

Give me mindless sports television!