Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin’s birthday!

darwin ape Gary DeMar says:

"One Nation Under Darwin"

Today is the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, and evolutionists are celebrating worldwide that they are nothing more than bags of meat and bone with electricity running through them. “Praise Darwin from whom all matter flows!,” their doxology goes. The religious character of Darwin is evident in the way those from the Freedom From Religion Foundation are commemorating his birth. Their billboards look like stained glass windows! Soon we’ll be seeing signs pointing us to First Church of Charles Darwin. Oh, wait, it’s the local public schools.

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Anonymous said...

1. The entire world of awaits the descent of Jesus. When Jesus comes, will you be able to look into his eyes and say, “You have come into being by evolution”?
2. God took Jesus into His sight. How will you explain his second coming to Earth by evolution?
3. According to your faith, did Gabriel, Michael and all the other angels stated in the New Testament and all the other books come into being by evolution?
4. Did the demons come into being by way of evolution?
5. Did satan come also into being by evolution?
6. Did Moses’ staff, which immediately turned into an alive snake that had the ability to reproduce, come into being by way of evolution?