Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day @ WC?

Did you know that there's a White Castle (WC) kitty-corner to the Bus/Train Station down town Indianapolis. I discovered this truth while attending the AFC championship playoff last month.

The story in brief goes like this: Several of the football crazed men from our Wednesday night Bible Study made the pilgrimage to Indy. It was late when Brother Joe B. called me. His train had just arrived in Indy. Since I took the Big Bird, I was in early (the rest drove) and got situated in a cozy motel room north of the city. Having earlier rented a car at the airport, it would be about 20 minutes before I could pick Joe up. Adroitly (head on a swivel as usual) Joe spotted the WC and said take your time.

White Castle? How long had it been for me? Perhaps over 40 years now! All I can remember about WC was hitting it on a few very early mornings. Usually this occurred several hours after a football game and some party hopping. Sometime after midnight, a couple of other players and I would end up at the only eatery open. As I recall, each of us would order not one or two but a dozen burgers for starters. They came on little buns with chopped up onions on top a small piece of animal protein. The only thing left for us before bed was to determine who among us could eat the absolute most burgers!

So when I saw that White Castle was having a special Valentine's Day at many of their locations (including Minneapolis), I felt obligated to share the news with you. Especially you who are at wits end on where to take their sweetheart for valentine eats. After doing a little research I discovered that those who dined at the WC last year were treated like royalty.

Check it out, there were tablecloths, candles, romantic music and a host. As a bonus, I heard, that a few diners in one big town WC were greeted by a French speaking manager. Also, there was even a crystal-like swan with some "after-dinner" heart candy. All that on top of some tasty and cheap burgers. I’m tempted to break my 40 year WC abstinence policy tomorrow. What do you think?

Just hit this White Castle link and call the Minneapolis number for reservations. Come on, enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day dinner with someone you love.

BTW: If you want to see some folks enjoying last year's meal click here: (Flickr).

Enjoy, ron

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Anonymous said...

I truly believe that if I took up your offer I would be walking the golden streets of the Big White Castle in the sky!

Besides, I much prefer a Whopper, Jr.