Thursday, June 08, 2006


Once a young man was sitting on a bench and an old man, a preacher, sat down too. The old preacher looked at the beautiful sunset and sighed the sigh of the delighted. The young man said to him, "what was that?" The preacher replied, "I'm stricken by the beauty of God's handiwork". The young man scoffed, "God, there is no God. This all just evolved." The preacher looked at the young man and said, "will you be here again tomorrow?" The youngster said "yes".

The next day the preacher was sitting on the bench when the young man returned. Out of a satchel the old man pulled a beautiful painting depicting a glorious sunset. He passed it over to the boy who gasped at the work. "Who painted this?" he asked in excitement. "No one", said the preacher, it just evolved that way.

The young man said "that's stupid." "Yes", replied the preacher, "it really is, isn't it."

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'” - Psalm 14:1

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Tom said...

I choose your picture often throughout the year for my desktop, it is stunning.

But my favorite is a snapshot my mother took of my dad as he fished off the pier. His silouette (sp?)along with the reflection of the sunset off the water's surface is flawless.

Good story, too.